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DC fuse cause

Mar 03, 2016

Run normal fuse short circuit or overload.

Attention to the n line in check in TN ground system, equipment ground fault protection line, is not allowed to use fuses.

Replace melt, requires:

Melt mechanical injury during Setup so the cross-sectional area is less false positives from running off.

When replacing the new melt, melt to check ratings and match the protected equipment. When a maintenance check fuses, according to the safety regulations, cut off power, do not allow live-line removal of the fuse tube.

Checked fuses look (remove the fuse tube) for any damage, deformation, ceramic discharge Flash traces.

Clean the dust, check the contact points contact.

Fuse maintenance work should be carried out simultaneously with the power distribution unit:

When replacing the new melt, to check the fuse Burns, such as severe burns, should replace the fuse tube. Filler melt fuse replaced, pay attention to fill stuffing.

Check fuses, melt match protected circuit or device, if title should be promptly investigated.

Before you install the new melt, to find out the melt fuse cause undetermined causes fuse, do not replace melt tries to send.

Melt time is too long, melt due to oxidation or operation temperature is high, the melt characteristics changed to misinterpret. Porcelain tube is damaged, it is not allowed to use other material pipes instead.