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DC isolator circulation disturbance

Mar 03, 2016

In industrial production process in the achieved monitored and control need with to various Automation instrument, and control system and implementation institutions, they Zhijian of signal transmission both weak to MV level, and Ma level of small signal; and has dozens of v, thousands of v, and hundreds of amps of big signal; both low frequency DC signal, also has high frequency pulse signal and so on, constitute system Hou often found in instrument and equipment Zhijian transmission mutual interference, caused system not stable even errors operation, appeared this situation except each instrument, and Equipment itself of performance reasons as anti-electromagnetic interference effect, also has a is important of reasons is various instrument equipment according to requirements and purpose are need grounding, for example to security, machine shell need received Earth; to makes circuit normal work, system need has public reference points; to inhibit interference added shield cover, shield cover also need grounding, but due to instrument and equipment Zhijian of reference points Zhijian exists potential (is the equipment of total locations different) thus formed "to circulation", and "grounding circulation" Problem is the system for signal processing problems must be resolved in the process.