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DC isolator isolation mode

Mar 03, 2016

Current market is filled with a variety of isolators, no matter what the product's shape, color. Insofar as technology is concerned, at present isolated isolation technology in magnetic and optical isolation of the two classes. From the technical difficulty, magnetic isolation isolation technology is complex and more demanding than light. However, using magnetic separation technology, products can be designed according to the product specification requirements appropriate product design, linearity, precision, power consumption and other technical indicators can be designed flexibly according to product requirements on request.

For optical isolation products, linearity, precision, rely on components such as power consumption provides optical isolation of components by the manufacturer specifications. Product designers to achieve some technical indicators you can use the tools rarely, it is impossible to exceed manufacturer provided component specification. In addition, the optical isolation of the large power, resulting in total power consumption, large amount of heating of the product, the product precision, power, stability compared with the magnetic isolation products have a large gap. Optically isolated components also does not apply to passive isolation. Generally speaking, magnetic isolation isolation is more advanced than light.