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Response time of DC isolator

Mar 03, 2016

Response time refers to input changes to product output on the right will change to reflect the output of the time. The shorter the response time, will be able to more truly reflect the input changes, effective monitoring and control of the production process. In selecting the isolator shorter response time requirements as possible. The response time of our company's products are: 0~90% full scale of less than 1s, this index to achieve the international level of mainstream products. Should choose the response time when a user in the selection of small products.

Above, industrial process control system select isolation device of principles is: products should is entered-output-power three isolation of; isolation way should is electromagnetic isolation of; should according to by with locations of instrument interface corresponds to of elected by need of isolation device; select isolation device Shi should selection: high precision, and low power, and low temperature drift, and low lines wave, and fast response and miniaturization of isolation device.