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2016 Newest FDIS Solar DC Waterproof Isolator Switch

Aug 10, 2016

The newest solar waterproof isolator switch have many update in internal mechanism and External.Ourtechnologyteam have expended several months to complete this updating. That isolator switch with IP66 degree will bring customers better experience of using.

The following information are advantages about this product:

1.The shell of this isolator switchis casted by a kind of Anti-UV material with the F1 certification level. This kind of shell will give the internal components better protection.

2.We add more details in the design of External. Forexample,this DC isolator switch is designed a safety lock.Rotate the extra 30 degrees to lock the switch.

(See figure below:)



3.Our solar waterproof isolator switch is safer than other isolator switch because of professional design of internal mechanism. You could check the following picture about competing with other isolator switch:

4.Switch contact silver, silver layer is thicker,

low temperature rise, good arc extinguishing

effect, a long service life. Not because the

silver layer depletion leads to ignition switch.

( See figure below:)

More details about this isolator switch,pls contact us. If you order it, We can ensure you 5years warranty.