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2018 New Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment

Mar 30, 2018

Our company will sell more new solar products in 2018. We will sell the new Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment from April. The following details about it:

Product Application

 Automatic transfer switch equipment (ATSE), is a device integrated with the switching function

and logic control, truly perform electromechanical integration function, suitable for operating in

the distribution system of AC50Hz, rated voltage AC400V, conventional thermal current up to

3200A in mineral and other enterprises. It provides the operation function of voltage detection,

forcedly switching off “0” position, manual emergency operation and etc, widely used to shift

between normal power and standby power or two loading equipment, or perform safe isolation

and etc. the control circuit board will govern the motor through logic commands, then motor will

drive the operating mechanism of main switches, quickly closing or opening or shift the lines,

the safe isolation of main switch is obvious and legible by eye.

Technical Parameters

1- Standard: IEC947-6-1 GB14048.11-2008;

2-Rated working voltage (Ue): AC440V;

3- Rated connecting capacity (A Rms): 10Ie;

4- Rated breaking capacity (A Rms): 8Ie;

5- Control supply voltage: DC24V, 48V, 110V, AC220V.

If you need this product, pls contact us. We will send you catalog and best price.