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2018 New DC Operated AC Contactor

Mar 16, 2018

Our company will sell more new solar products in 2018. We are selling the new DC Operated AC Contactor from March. The following details about it:

Product Application

 FDC series DC AC contactor for AC 50/60hz, rated voltage to 690v, rated current to 95A in thepower system. For frequent remote connection and disconnection of AC circuits, the main control object is the motor can also be used to control, such as welding machine, capacitor bank, electric heating, lighting and other loads.

Product Features

Contactor small size, light weight, low power consumption, high life expectancy, safe and


Three-dimensional layout, the building blocks can be installed above the auxiliary contact group and air delay time extension head assembly is helpful to expand the function, can be equipped

with auxiliary contacts on both sides of the coil can be installed at both ends of the absorption


Tunnel-type trough, personnel can not directly touch live parts, flame-retardant shell to ensure

reliable.personal and nearby electrical safety.


If you need this product, pls contact us. We will send you catalog and best price.