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2018 Newest Solar Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Feb 03, 2018

Our company will sell a high-level Solar Pure Sine Wave Inverter in March of 2018.

Product Features of our inverter:

Excellent performance because of double MCU intelligent design

Pure sine wave output for compatibility with loads of different types

  1. Visualization of operation status of the equipment through a digital LCD

  2. A wide range of input voltage, accurate output and all automatic voltage stabilization

  3. Settable battery type and charge current for the charge management of batteries of different types of FT-B

  4. Settable mains supply preferred mode, energy-saving mode and battery preferred mode for easy meeting of the needs of different uses

  5. Overall protection functions (battery over voltage protection, battery under voltage protection,overload protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection).

Pls contact us if you have requirement for Solar Pure Sine Wave Inverter. We will afford you best price and more data.