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DC Circuit Breaker Technology Parameter

Rated voltage (Ue)/1600V

Maximum operating voltages up to 1800V

Ultimate breaking capacity of rated 75KA (T=15ms)

Inherent time 6ms

The electrical life of 400 200

Number of auxiliary contacts 5NC+5ND

Size 500, 400, 100, 50

Operating voltage the DC220, 110, 50V; AC220V

Rated current (In) 2500A/4000A

Rated insulation voltage: 4000V

Break over voltage (1.5~2.0) Ue

Current setting range (1.25~2.7), KA, (2~5), KA (2~8), KA, (4~10) KA/(2~5), KA, (4~10), KA (2~8), KA, (4~15) KA

Mechanical life time 20000

Auxiliary contact capacity AC220V 10A; DC110V 1A

Installation dimensions 4-φ 11,320*160 (mm)

86kg 98kg