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Demand Recovery In Europe Under Overseas Market Differentiation

May 23, 2020

As of May 19th, under the spread of the "third wave" of the global epidemic, new cases in Russia, Brazil, Turkey and other countries continued to climb, and the blockade time in India, Colombia and other countries continued to be extended to the end of May. The recovery process of the photovoltaic market slowed down again.

In contrast, European and American policies loosened the development of photovoltaic projects and further relaxed restrictions. At present, 33 states in the United States have lifted economic activity restrictions, and the remaining states are expected to resume work in stages in early June. After the resumption of work in Germany, Italy and other European countries, the epidemic situation is relatively stable, and the bidding progress in many places affected by the epidemic situation has been put back on the agenda. The construction of photovoltaic projects and photovoltaic orders are expected to be further promoted.