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Encourage Small Photovoltaic Power Stations To Operate In The Network

Aug 17, 2019

          In 2012, the state introduced a policy to encourage small photovoltaic power stations to enter the network, when the news broadcast was specially broadcast, and the state grid company made it clear that it provided free access throughout the process. 

          By using the mode of self-use residual electricity connected to the grid, the electricity can not be used by the state power grid, and the excess electricity can be sold to the power grid to make money. In order to further expand the application of photovoltaic panels in the domestic market, effectively promote energy saving and emission reduction. The State Grid Corporation made it clear today that small photovoltaic power stations will be encouraged to enter the grid, and that in accordance with this new move, the threshold for photovoltaic power generation to enter the grid has been significantly reduced. In the future, photovoltaic power stations with an incoming electricity price less than or equal to 10 kV and an installed capacity not exceeding 6MW can all apply for access to the large power grid, and the State Grid Company provides free access services throughout the process. 

           Zhang Zhengling, a spokesman for the State Grid, said: "the State Grid Company provides a one-stop service to simplify the process, and it takes no more than 45 working days for all grid-connected processes to be processed." 

           According to the new measures, after all kinds of small photovoltaic power stations are connected to the large power grid, the electricity is not enough to be purchased from the state, and its surplus electricity can also be sold to the national power grid in reverse. The introduction of this policy will obviously speed up the development of photovoltaic power generation.