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Home Lightning Protection: How To Choose A Suitable Home Surge Protector

Apr 17, 2020

First, the surge protector classification protection

The surge protector is divided into three grades according to the area to be protected. The first-stage surge protector can be applied to the main distribution cabinet in the building, and the direct lightning current can be discharged, and the maximum discharge current is 80KA~ 200KA; the second-stage surge protector is applied to the branch distribution cabinet of the building. It is the protection device for the participating voltage of the pre-stage lightning arrester and the induced lightning strike in the area. The maximum discharge current is about 40KA; the third stage The surge protector is applied to the front end of important equipment and is the ultimate means of protecting the equipment. It protects the LEMP and the residual lightning energy through the second-stage air defense arrester. The maximum discharge current is about 20kA.

Second, look at the price

Buying a home surge protector should not be cheap, and the price of the surge protector on the market is too low. These devices are quite limited in capacity and do not work for large surges or spikes. It is easy to overheat, which causes the entire surge protector to catch fire.

Third, see if there is a safety sign

If you want to know the quality of the product, it depends on whether it has a lightning protection center test report or product safety certificate. If the protector does not have a safety test mark, it is likely to be a poor quality product, and the safety cannot be guaranteed. Even high prices do not mean that quality is good.