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Knowledge About DC Surge Protectors

Nov 15, 2019

DC surge protector can be called surge protector, also known as lightning protector, is a very common electronic component, suitable for current and voltage environment of AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage 220V to 380V, in this power supply system Or DC surge protectors in communication systems can protect against transient overvoltage surges generated by direct or indirect lightning. They are widely used in surge protection projects such as residential, commercial, industrial or tertiary industries. The protection mode of the surge protector has relative phase, relative midline, relative ground, midline to ground and combination.

Surge is also called a surge, as the name suggests is a transient overvoltage that exceeds the normal operating voltage. In essence, a surge is a violent pulse that occurs in just a few millionths of a second, and can cause surges: heavy equipment, short circuits, power switching, or large engines. Products containing surge arresters can effectively absorb sudden bursts of energy to protect connected equipment from damage.

DC surge protector is an electronic device that provides security protection for various electronic devices, instruments, and communication lines. When the peak current or voltage in the protected line or electrical circuit is caused by external force majeure, the DC surge protector can conduct the shunt in a very short time, thereby preventing the surge from being caused to the protected equipment or line. damage.