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Photovoltaic Will Be Applied To The First Year Of 1500 Volt Scale

Sep 21, 2019

China has achieved global leadership in the photovoltaic manufacturing industry, but in some applications of advanced technology, it has not been applied immediately after development. 

As early as 2015, photovoltaic inverter manufacturers represented by Sunshine Power Co., Ltd. introduced a 1500 volt voltage level and super-matching solution. 

But today, 1500 volts, over-matching, 72-piece large components and other countries "standard "The technology has not been applied on a large scale."

"Photovoltaic system upgrade from 600 volts to 1000 volts brings cost reduction and power generation increase. 

When 1000 volts is upgraded to 1500 volts, it will bring about a significant increase in the efficiency of photovoltaic systems." 

Jiang Hao pointed out at the meeting that China The subsidy for photovoltaic power generation will be reduced year by year, and the overall cost reduction of the 1000 volt DC system is limited. 

The upgrade to 1500 volts will be a revolution. The 1500 volt system, which combines cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, may be an effective solution to reduce the cost of electricity.

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