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South America's Largest Photovoltaic Power Station Comes From China's Support

Jun 15, 2019


 On the sunny arid plateau in northern Argentina, South America's largest PV power plant is on the rise, with funds and technology from China. Local officials said they had sought help from the country and the United States and Europe and failed to return. 

          Providers are scared off by the size of the project and the financial dilemma of the

local province of Jujuy, one of the poorest provinces in the country. But Chinese financial institutions don't think so. The Export-Import Bank of China provides 85% of the financing for nearly $400 million required for the project.

           This project confirms that as a supporter of large projects, Beijing's influence in emerging markets that lack capital is increasing.  Its reality is helping China consolidate its position as a global leader in clean energy technology. 
           The data shows that China has been the world's largest clean Energy investor for nine consecutive years.