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The MC4 Connectors I Currently Sell Are Compatibles With Both 4mm2 And 6mm2. Aren’t Yours?

Oct 31, 2019

Dear friend.

We always receive the question from customer.

They ask us

  • The MC4 connectors I currently  sell are compatibles with both 4mm2 and 6mm2. Aren’t yours?

The customer's words reminded us that some suppliers in the market are selling the larger size  MC4 to customers. However, we do not recommend customers to purchase connectors that do not match the cable type.


If the 6mm2 MC4 is used on a 4mm2  cable, the waterproof performance is not as good as the 4 square MC4.   Because the 6mm2 MC4 waterproof  rubber sleeve is larger than  4mm2. 

For better performance and good feedback from our end customers, let's start buying the most suitable model.