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The Power Industry Is Finally Opening Up

Jul 31, 2020

On November 29th, the Cabinet of Ministers of Water Resources and Hydropower submitted two proposals concerning the establishment of the Electricity Industry Regulatory Authority (A.R.E) and the Rural and Urban Suburban Electricity and Energy Service (ANSER).

As early as in the Power Law promulgated on June 7, 2014, the state planned to create the two public institutions mentioned above.


Until today, the setting of ARE and ANSER has lagged seriously, affecting the development of the power industry. Therefore, the Minister of Water Resources and Hydropower hopes that the cabinet meeting will approve the listing of the two institutions.

 After the cabinet meeting organized debate and review, they finally agreed to establish ARE and ANSER. In the minutes of the meeting, they asked the Minister of Rural Development to step in and assist the Minister of Water Resources and Hydropower.

During previous energy seminars, business people constantly mentioned the need to create ARE and ANSER. The establishment of the two institutions can truly open the power industry and effectively attract investment.


We believe that the establishment of an authoritative management organization in the power industry is indeed a sign of the opening of the industry. Take the insurance industry as an example. First, the establishment of the Insurance Regulatory Bureau, and then the opening of the industry, finally broke the monopoly of Sonas. But the openness of the power industry is not clear at present. In addition, unlike the insurance industry, the power industry also has its special characteristics. The most intuitive thing is that the transmission line is always held by Snel.