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Why Insist On Doing Photovoltaic?

Aug 15, 2020

Photovoltaic has already reached the streets and alleys from the ground power stations in the northwest, and people who love photovoltaics no longer exist only in a small circle. The biggest contribution of household photovoltaics is the former family of furniture, bicycle repairers, cement makers, and so on. They have entered the photovoltaic family. They have felt the unremitting efforts of photovoltaics to save energy and reduce emissions, and have brought them to the people benefit. The roots of photovoltaics are being deeply rooted in the people. Not only big brothers speak for photovoltaics, but now ordinary people on the streets are also speaking for photovoltaics. This is love. The warming news is fermenting. Many manufacturers and institutions have made expectations for the photovoltaic market in 2020. Most of them still believe that photovoltaic will have an upward trend. The long-term layout is optimistic.

A number of media experts have counted the project situation in 2020. Many bidding and parity projects have been transferred to 2020. In addition to the new project indicators, 2020 is nearing parity on the Internet. Domestic demand is skyrocketing and it is expected to exceed 50GW of new installations. It is conservatively estimated to be above 40GW. As everyone expects, since 2018, the price of photovoltaic equipment has been falling and falling. Compared to the beginning of last year, the price of photovoltaic systems has been reduced by as much as 50%. By 2020, many project types have reached the critical point of parity on the Internet, and only the last step can be achieved without relying on subsidies.

Through subsidized incentives, photovoltaic power generation has been recognized by the entire public and the public has a broad base. After parity, the fully-marketed photovoltaic power generation will have more potential. As the "electric reform" accelerates, more and more policy dividends are being released, which will usher in a more favorable market. Solar energy is an energy source with unlimited potential. Photovoltaic power generation represents a future form of clean energy and has unlimited possibilities. At present, there may be some difficulties in photovoltaic power generation, all of which are short-term problems. In the long run, solar energy will become the cheapest and safest energy source on the planet and will inevitably enter our families.

In an industry with a vast market and unlimited imagination, photovoltaics are still very small and infinite in the future.